Official Launch: October 18-19 at Kleztival, Sao Paulo Brazil

Montréal, Canada, October 19, 2015

WanderingMuse.net is an online Audio-Visual Archive and Community of Jewish Musicians from around the globe

The Wandering Muse Website has its Official Launch at this year’s Kleztival in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The site showcases hundreds of never before seen video clips of Jewish musicians from around the globe, filmed in the past 8 years by director Tamás Wormser and his team. Beyond the staggering Audio-Visual Library, the website facilitates an Online Jewish Music Network, as well as a Remix Contest.
From ram’s horn to beatbox, WanderingMuse.net explores the kaleidoscope of ever-changing Jewish music. The public can actively engage and participate, while discovering musical treasures in this multilingual landscape where creativity and knowledge are shared across borders, visitors can explore a world map and learn about Jewish music scenes in all corners of the world.

Launching the site with over 250 videos showcasing hundreds of Jewish musicians, we are still barely scratching the surface. We invite musicians to sign up and create their pages to share their music, videos and photos, making the site into a Living Audio-Visual Library.

Music lovers can sign up as Fans to discover the endless world of Jewish music, and share their favourites. Fans and Musicians can add the cities where they and their ancestors have lived, creating a unique personalized map of their wanderings.

Musicians are also invited to participate in the Wandering Muse Remix Contest, by downloading others’ sound clips and remixing them. For example, you can add your voice to a mix of an Uzbek melody and jazzy Moroccan beats. The most-voted remix on March 1, 2016 will win the Wandering Muse Remix Contest Prize. http://wanderingmuse.net/remix.html
WanderingMuse.net is the online component of the multiplatform project produced by Artesian Films. After a successful Canadian theatrical run, the feature-length “must see” documentary film is broadcast regularly on national TV, while running the international festival circuit. Visit http://www.wanderingmusefilm.com for more info on the film.

This is the first major website project by Artesian Films, the Montreal-based independent production company that has been making award-winning films since 1989. Visit www.artesianfilms.com. The Wandering Muse website was created with digital agency Giant Step. Visit www.giantstep.ca. Altogether, the crew numbered in the dozens, but it would all amount to nothing without the participation of hundreds of musicians.


Over the last 8 years I have been on a mission to bring back Jewish musical stories from around the globe. I feel fortunate having met musicians from Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Canada, Cuba, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Hungary, Italy, Israel, Moldova, Morocco, Netherland, Russia, Spain, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uganda, USA, Uzbekistan and Yemen. I have visited remnants of disappearing Jewish musical communities and attended the birth of a radical new Jewish music – a wild kaleidoscope of sound at the end of the 58th century.

Many films and sites on Jewish subjects have been made, but none about my favourite Jewish archetype – the wandering artist. I have been struggling to explain to my sons what Jewish means – because it means so much, yet very little – I found that for me, it is not necessarily a religion, a people, a culture, a tradition, a humour ... what it means for me could be the opposite of what it means to another person, and could also be different tomorrow than it is today. I wanted to examine this issue through the music that carries the soul and the path of a people.

Jews have always absorbed, exchanged, and spread music around the globe. The reluctant nomads used their instruments as passports to all corners of the world. Along the way, liturgy went lyrical, the traditional turned popular. And oy begat joy.

I set out to make an entertaining film and website that will showcase extraordinary music, and question notions of identity. The result of this long journey is THE WANDERING MUSE – a feature-length film and a website that presents over 250 video clips from around the world.

And now, here it is, for the world and for you.

Tamás Wormser

Contact: Anna Sikorski
Artesian Films, Montreal, Canada

+01 (514) 277-1584