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Songs can be considered poems as they both utilize artistic expression, metaphorical language, and evoke emotions. However, songs typically incorporate musical elements such as melody, rhythm, and harmonies, which differentiate them from traditional written poetry.

are songs poems reddit

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Songs and poems share many similarities in terms of artistic expression and their ability to evoke emotions. Both mediums utilize metaphorical language, imagery, and rhythm to convey their messages. However, songs have an additional layer of musical components that differentiate them from traditional written poetry.

Poetry, in its written form, is a literary art that focuses on the use of language and structure to create meaning. It is often read silently or aloud, emphasizing the words and their symbolic representations. On the other hand, songs encompass both the written lyrics and the musical elements, including melody, rhythm, and harmonies. This integration of music adds a unique dimension to songs, enhancing their emotional impact and allowing for a broader range of artistic expression.

As poet Joy Harjo beautifully describes, “Poetry is a music in which we are able to speak to the unknown in one another, and in ourselves.” This quote highlights the transformative power of both poetry and music, emphasizing the connectivity they can establish between individuals.

Interesting facts about the relationship between songs and poems:

  1. Many famous poets, such as Robert Burns and William Blake, were known for their lyrical poetry, which often explored themes similar to those found in songs.
  2. The term “lyric” originally referred to Greek poetry that was accompanied by a musical instrument, highlighting the historical connection between poetry and music.
  3. The structure of a song often follows a specific format, such as verse-chorus-bridge, which helps to create repetition and emphasize key themes, similar to the use of repetition in poetic forms.
  4. Some poets, like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, transitioned from writing poetry to creating songs, blurring the boundaries between the two mediums.
  5. Many songs draw inspiration from published poems or literary works, further highlighting the interplay between poetry and music.
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Below is a table contrasting the main characteristics of songs and poems:

Songs Poems
Artistic form Combination of lyrics and music Written words
Medium Auditory, performed Read silently or aloud
Musical elements Melody, rhythm, harmonies N/A
Emotional impact Enhanced through music Relies solely on language
Structure Verse-chorus-bridge format Various poetic forms/styles
Interpretation Can be influenced by musical elements Subjective to reader’s interpretation
Examples “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe

In conclusion, while songs and poems share common characteristics such as artistic expression and the ability to evoke emotions, the inclusion of music in songs distinguishes them from written poetry. However, both mediums possess immense power to communicate and connect with audiences, making them captivating forms of artistic expression.

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In “Reading Reddit Poetry,” the YouTuber selects three poems from the OC poetry subreddit and shares their thoughts on each. The first poem, “Cold and Hopeful,” is applauded for its uplifting message despite a spelling error. The second poem, “Icy Grasp,” is described as semi-suicidal but received humorously with a misspelling critique. Lastly, “Strangled” is praised for capturing the sensation of being choked and leaving a lasting impact with its final line. The YouTuber concludes with a personal poem from their high school years and expresses interest in creating more videos like this in the future.

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Is a song also a poem?

The main difference between song and poem is that a poem is a written or spoken piece of literature that is not set to music, whereas a song is a composition that is set to music. In simple words, a poem set to music is a song, while a song that does not involve music is a poem.

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Is music a type of poetry?

Answer will be: Poetry and music both involve rhythm, flow, expression, feelings, and deeper meaning. As discussed throughout this article, the primary difference is the absence of words, in some musical compositions, and the absence of music in poetry.

Are songs the same as poetry?

As an answer to this: What is the difference between Poetry and Song? Both songs and poetry are artistic expressions making use of a language though a song is a musical composition while poetry can be sung as well as read as text. Poems are considered more literary in nature than songs as they make better use of words.

The answer is: Poetry and music have been intertwined for thousands of years. In antiquity, poems were often sung: the first lyric poets in ancient Greece performed their work to the accompaniment of the lyre, and the oldest anthology of Chinese poetry, the Shijing, was a collection of songs.

Are musicians influenced by poetry?

The reply will be: Plenty of musicians have published collections of their own poetry while being heavily influenced by poetry within their songwriting. Patti Smith has come to be known as the “punk poet laureate.” In 2016, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

Do Rap lyricists use words?

Answer will be: Rap lyricists have expanded our relationship with words since hip-hop’s inception in the 1970s. Modern artists like Queen Latifah and GZA use a wider vocabulary than classic authors like Shakespeare and Herman Melville. Adding them into poetry and language arts curricula blends old and new, classic and alternative.

How do I know if a song is copyrighted?

As a response to this: One way you can check to see if the song is still under copyright protection is to visit This online site lists all copyright records dating back to 1978. For anything before that, you’ll need to contact the U.S. Copyright Office and may have to pay to have the records checked for you.

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The response is: YouTube is taking aim with the large club to shut people up. Reddit is cutting people out of the conversation, livelihoods and income are dead. Silenced lives matter, how will they feed their children with no money coming in? These are people’s careers and jobs, their employment.

Can a song lyric be considered poetry?

For many, the fact that the success of a song lyric tends to hinge upon on its accompanying music, the voices that sing it, and the performance itself means that it cannot be considered poetry. Yet before the written word, poetry was performed and passed on through song.

Should a songwriter read poetry?

In reply to that: If you are an aspiring songwriter, reading poetrycan help you a great deal. From sounds to rhythms to cadences, there are countless intersections between poetry and lyric writing, Plenty of musicians have published collections of their own poetry while being heavily influenced by poetry within their songwriting.

Are musicians influenced by poetry?

In reply to that: Plenty of musicians have published collections of their own poetry while being heavily influenced by poetry within their songwriting. Patti Smith has come to be known as the “punk poet laureate.” In 2016, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition.”

What makes poetry different from prose?

Answer to this: The thing that sets poetry apart from prose is that its impact depends on a musicality in language and rhythm, much like a song lyric. However you see it, there are many musicians who are poets in their fans’ eyes, and their song lyrics are taken seriously today – studied in classrooms and published as annotated, hardback collections.

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